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Jobs and Construction Defect:
Real jobs come from economic growth. Production creates prosperity. We need to empower the private sector in order to get Nevadans working again. I have run my own business since I was 19. I have been a licensed Nevada contractor for over 28 years and know what it is like to make payroll and comply with the seemingly endless government paperwork. Government creates the climate business functions in and genuine private sector business experience is truly lacking in the Nevada legislature. Now more than ever we need people with on the ground real life experience to halt the endless cycle of tax and spend. My business has been a member of the Nevada Federation of Independent Businesses for many years.
Although it was attempted by Ira in 2011 and 2013, the trial lawyer lobby was successful in stopping my attempts for meaningful construction defect tort reform.
The great news is that in 2015 as Chairman of the Assembly Judiciary Committee and with tremendous support  from the Nevada construction industry and its thousands of general and sub-contractors, Ira was able to get assembly bill 125 passed, which has restored common sense in the construction defect arena. Nevada's construction industry is booming once again.
To diversify our economy and get people back to work we must keep taxes low and eliminate red tape. California has over-regulated and taxed their business community nearly to death. Let’s invite them to Nevada through limited government and low taxes. 

Illegal Immigration:
Illegal means ILLEGAL. If you broke the law to get here, you should be sent back. President Eisenhower did exactly that in the 1950's. It is a terrible slap in the face to the immigrants who played by the rules to grant "amnesty" to cheaters. Businesses who knowingly hire illegals should be heavily fined. 

We need to put more money in the classroom and cut administrative bureaucracy. Parents need more flexibility in choosing what is best for their children. I will continue former Senator Maurice Washington’s breakthrough work in charter schools and parental choice law. 

Nevada state spending has skyrocketed from 5.4 billion in 2001 to 9.5 billion in 2010. Because the economy ground to a halt, tax revenue has since limited government expansion. However many new taxes are being proposed for the next legislative session. All taxes are ultimately paid by you, the consumer. Some are even planning on some form of income tax which must have a Nevada IRS to enforce it. Once in place it is only a short jump to a personal income tax. We do not need more taxes, we need less spending. 

Unbalanced Legislature:
Typically almost half of Nevada legislators are government employees, while only about 4% of Nevadans work for state or local government. Ordinary workers and private sector businesses need to make sure their voice is heard. However with the ratios so skewed towards government as the answer, it is little wonder the decisions seem so lopsided. We strongly need more private sector business oriented legislators. 

Range Management:

In the last two decades Nevada has had dramatic cutbacks in livestock grazing and a corresponding increase in million acre range fires as fuel loads from mainly the alien "cheat-grass" explosion. Livestock grazing has its flaws but it is much better than spending tens of millions fighting avoidable fires. And miracle plants like forage Kochia should be heavily utilized when re-seeding burns. 

Nevada is the Silver State and mining is the bedrock of Nevada's rural economy even today. Mining has the highest wages of any industry in Nevada and is one of the only industries doing well. We should not kill the goose that lays the golden egg and reduce exploration and extraction through a crushing burden of new taxes. 

Alternative Energy:
I am a member of the Nevada Renewable Energy Coalition. Nevada is to solar and geothermal energy what the Middle East is to oil. The long term future for utilizing our almost untapped potential is huge and energy related jobs are some of the best paying in the nation. I am licensed in solar and geothermal and will use my expertise as a 24-year licensed Nevada contractor to help draft policies that will make Nevada the nation's leader in clean energy technology. However, ultimately energy and which type to use should be dictated by the free market.

Second Amendment:

I am a lifelong member of the NRA and have been a champion of the right of the people to keep and bear arms on both of my radio shows and in my newspaper columns.. Both myself and my wife Alexis are holders of Concealed Carry Permits and I received a 100% perfect score from the NRA. I am an avid outdoorsman who has spent literally years in Nevada's back-country. When it comes to our rights the intent of the founding fathers is perfectly clear: "shall not be infringed" means exactly that. 

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